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Making Coverage Selections

You will have to make a number of important coverage decisions as you shop for coverage online. Read on for tips on choosing life, home, health, and auto insurance policies.

Choosing the Right Policy for Life

The main decision you'll have to make when choosing life insurance is whether to purchase whole or term life. These policies are vastly different. Term life provides only temporary coverage, with the policy terms ranging from 5-30 years. If you want affordable protection, term plans can almost always provide affordable peace of mind. For protection that lasts until you die, you'll want to choose whole life. It's not as easy to find affordable premiums with whole life policies because they tend to have higher rates, but whole life premiums will never change as long as you live.

Protect Your Most Important Investment

Homeowners policies come in two primary forms: replacement cost and actual cash value coverage. Replacement cost policies pay the insured for the expense of replacing damaged personal belongings at today's prices in the event of a loss. Actual cash value policies, on the other hand, pay the insured only for the value of the damaged item less depreciation. In other words, actual cash value coverage reimburses according to what the item was worth at the time of the loss rather than what it would cost to replace. You will have more luck finding affordable protection online if you choose actual cash value home insurance, but this may end up costing you more if you have to file a claim.

Choosing The Right Plan for Your Specific Health Portfolio

Deciding on a health insurance policy basically comes down to a trade-off between affordable rates and the flexibility of your plan. Health plans are usually some form of an HMO, which is the most affordable but least flexible healthcare option. HMO members must receive care in-network in order to receive benefits, and they must receive referrals from their primary care physicians in order to see specialists. At the other end of the spectrum is an indemnity plan, which tends to be more expensive but allows policyholders the greatest degree of choice with regard to their medical care. Although you are unlikely to find affordable premiums with indemnity plans, you will be able to see any doctor you like at the same reimbursement rates without needing a referral.

Stay Safe on the Roads

A policy for your vehicle is easy to find if you only want one that provides the minimum required amount of liability protection and nothing else. You can find an online insurance policy for your car for very affordable rates if you choose the liability-only route, but you will have to pay more for additional protection. Most consumers choose to include comprehensive and collision on their auto policies, for example. These will help repair your car in the event of a collision or other mishap. Additional coverages include medical payments, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance.

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